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B-Movie Reviews 1

Directed By:
Steve Latshaw

Joe Estevez

Rated R
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content


The first Privately own Space Shuttle takes her maiden Voyage. It's lone astronaut is Steve Thomas (Aparently Rod Kendrick had millions of dollars to build the ship but cheaped out on hiring Astronauts.) But the Nautilus flies through a strange anomoly, alien spores that infect the ship and somehow make their way inside a sealed space shuttle. Someone cut conners on the sealing.

But spores once inhaled transforms Steve into a strange monster and the ship crash lands in the Florida swamp, declared lost nobody comes looking for it. But a group of echo explorers discover the wreck and a very hungry Steve. Can they escape alive.


Where to begin? The spores, to me, they never truly explain how the spores get into the shuttle. After all, a shuttle is space worthily, not allot of open vents to the outside like a car or airplane. But that's minor, you must suspend your disbelieve and go with the flow of the film. The creature is a cool alien like design with the orange spores covering it. The acting isn't exactly Oscar worthy and they do get repetitive on the accident ala INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN. But again that's minor. This movie is crawling with pretty girls who stay in and out of clothing. So, there is that. A cool monster, there is that. An interesting if improbable plot, there is that. All and all, this movie has got a lot going for it. Fun, never dull and cool. If you want a realistic movie, then you probably will want to avoid DARK UNIVERSE, but if you want a fun monster romp with semi-dressed woman, then this is the movie for you. 8 STARS.



I agree, this movie does have a lot going for it. But all those things that make it improbable also weighs heavily on my mind when I score this movie. Sure, it's a great monster movie. But it also has that "we don't belong in space" moral which I can't stand. Plus, the way the Government and NASA is, I doubt a private shuttle would be allowed. They can't stop other countries from having a space program, but they can stop private citizens, under the TERRORIST excuse. Which they had, even back then. This guy would have been arrested as a terrorist or some crap. 6 STARS.



+ MONSTER (The monster is cool.)
+ STORY (Improbable, but if you suspend you disbelieve. It's kind of fun.)
+ PRETTY GIRLS (Lots of pretty girls.)
+ FUN (It's a fun flick.)
+ NEVER DULL (Very few lulls in this flick.)


- HOW (How does the spores get into a sealed space shuttle?)
- ACTING (The acting isn't the best, isn't the worse either.)
- PRIVATE SHUTTLE (VOLTRON feels the Government wouldn't allow a privately owned shuttle.)


- NOT FOR EVERYONE (If you can turn off and shake your disbelief, this isn't the monster movie for you.)